Bhavin Shastri-A continuous journey of a never-ending quest for music, life and discovery.

An artist, who through his music spreads the magic of love and peace, Bhavin Shastri is a soul who through his singing takes you to the timelessness.

While talking about his music, the sufi vocalist says that music is his heart, soul and life. This seeker who is way ahead in his Spiritual journey says that music is the only truth and he will keep on disseminating the pledge of mystical love, unity and devotion through Sufism.


An engineer by profession, he is a musician by choice. A sufi singer who says that Sufism is an approach of living.

Bhavin Shastri is honored by the title of “Shahenshah-e-Sufism” (the king of Sufi songs) in Gujarat for his magic to hold the breath of listeners and the ability to sing for hours.

Bhavin Shastri’s endeavors:


"HAQ-Ruh se Ruh ka safar", was the production venture for the visionary artist Bhavin Shastri. He unfolded an unexplored array of musical events by presenting this show. The show turned out to be the phenomenal one in the history of Gujarat due to a unique and untouched concept by the visionary Sufi Vocalist Bhavin Shastri. Along with the music, ambience, execution and powerful message, Haq was largely accepted and appreciated by the viewers in Gujarat and pan India. Overall, there were more than 150 shows in India at popular places like Bhaidas Hall-Mumbai

His second production "JANNAT - Na Janm Se Pehle, Na Mrityu Ke Baad", is again a distinctive idea. The heart touching thought and realistic presentation of the show made it immaculate. The event registered a benchmark as it broke all the records ever made by the show. To add to the glory, the show has the record of the highest audience present for the longest duration. The show was the fastest booked event in Gujarat.


The audience could be seen swayed with sentiments to witness their beloved singer enter into the coffin. The idea was to encounter and deliver the reality of life.


The event was the highlight of all the major publications the next morning.


The true patriot, Bhavin Shastri, then came up with the shows "Kalam ko Salam -Tujhko Chalna Hoga" and "Mai Kalam Hoon".

These events were conceptualized and executed within 3 days, after the Death of Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Azad with his team of 15 members.

This epic show was specifically designed to address the youth; a tribute to the great soul through music.

Bhavin Shastri and his versatility:

Keeping intact his interest in social evolution, spiritual inclination and a seeker within, he has established him well in other segments too. He is associated with distinguished names in corporate industry in various ways like events, marketing and advertisements.


>>  To mention few:

 1.      "Lakme Fashion Week" held at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai, and The Lalit Intercontinental, Mumbai.

 2.      "BLUECOAT”, A National Award Winner adhesive company, now merged with “Pidilite”


In this span, he has bagged many events for reputed organizations like Reliance Mutual Fund, N.J.Investment, Femina Miss India, Bank of Baroda, and left them mesmerized with his abilities.

Bhavin Shastri, with his enchanting singing and excellent oratory skills, leaves people spellbound.

Bhavin Shastri and Bollywood:


To add to his glory, playback for “Manjhi- the Mountain Man”-by Ketan Mehta, is another feather on Bhavin Shastri’s cap. Film director, Mr. Ketan Mehta along, famous actress Deepa Sahi Mehta, and a well-known music director Sandesh Shandilya happened to attend HAQ at Hyatt, Mumbai. Bhavin Shastri left them all so enthralled, that they could not stop themselves and offered a playback for their upcoming movie.


The movie and the song were the biggest hit of the year.

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-29 at

Lockdown-21-Me to Messiah-A Pedagogy       "He, the observer in the book realizes that death is not when you die physically or you stop breathing. In true sense, death was as many times he had a realization in his journey. The first time when he saw the end standing in front of him, he could hear his chaotic breath. From facing the fear to getting along with it in complete surrender was the accomplishment of his journey."

Bhavin Shastri’s message:


To the youth, Bhavin Shastri says that if he could, they can too. They just need to receive their inner calling. To perceive it right and he will continue to work as a guiding force for the youngsters.


·  His upcoming project South Asian American’s Got Talent is an example of it.


A man with a strong hold over human emotions says Sufism is a need of time. It is a healing force that cherishes those deprived of self-love and assurance.